1. Open the K3 Connect App.
  2. Swipe left on the lock and then select the Info section for the lock you would like to update.

  3. Select Firmware Version.

  4. If new firmware is available for your lock, the Firmware Upgrade screen will open and show you a page similar to the below.

  5. Scroll down and touch Transfer Firmware to Lock.

  6. You may then be prompted to restart the power on your lock and also put the lock into set up mode. For the K3 Connect locks, enter: #MasterCode  00  1 ••

  7. The upgrade process will take up to 5 minutes. Please ensure you do not move outside of the range of the lock (approximately 10 meters line of sight) or close the application.

  8. Lastly when the firmware has been downloaded it will update the lock. Once this has been completed you will see the new firmware version in the lock's info page.

           Note: When prompted to input the setup mode enter   #Master Code • 00 1 ••




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