1. Go to the' Clients' logo at the bottom of the page and then select + to add a new client.
  2. Next you will need to choose what time of client they are. Either phone, card or code.


Phone Client:

  1. The user you would like to add needs to download the application and register before you complete this.
  2. Once they are registered and you have entered their email (case sensitive) into your app, a notification will go through to them with the option to accept or reject. Once this has been accepted they will be able to access the lock using their device.


  1. Select card and then press the arrow in the top right hand corner to go to the next page, then select the lock you would like to associate the card with.
  2. Using the next page set the access type, times and duration's you would like to give to this client. You can also from the 'Access Rights' option activate and reactivate Code Free Mode.
  3. Next select 'Setup Lock' followed by touching the desired card to the lock, this will then pair the card and lock together when you press 'Sync client's info'.  They will now be able to access the lock using their using the parameters you have set out.


  1. Select code, then the top right hand corner arrow and select the desired lock.
  2. Just like the card feature, you can now set up the clients access permissions. Then enter the client's name and also create a 4 digit code in the bottom box, then select 'Add'.
  3. Lastly go back to the home page of the application, swipe left on the lock and select 'Sync'.


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