When I try to add an associated user it says they already have an account and will not let me proceed, why?

This is because the email address is already registered to the portal, most likely as an administrator.  Attempt to log into the portal using this email address, if you are able to do this then they cannot be added as an associated user.  They will need to get in contact with us if they would like their account deleted so it can be changed.

Why does my battery status say it has full power when I know it doesn't?

To get the up-to-date status of the lock battery you will need to complete a sync in the K3 connect app using the admin account. 

Where do I find my access key?

The access key can be located in the K3 application by opening settings, then user info and selecting access key.  You will then see a mix of letters and numbers (case sensitive) which you can then enter into the portal.

What is the integration system mentioned in the portal's purchase site?

Acuity is an scheduling integration service which works with our portal to allow customers to create real-time bookings with a generated NetCode via your own website. For example a customer could log onto a swimming pool's website, request a booking for a locker then receive a NetCode allowing them access to that locker for the duration booking. 

How do I report a problem?

In the top bar of the portal and our website there is a option titled 'Contact Us', open this then write to us providing as much information as possible regarding your issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why can I not add a number to the Whitelist?

Make sure the name does not include any special characters and that the number includes the countries' dialling code.

Why are my outbound SMS failing?

Check that the message does not exceed 160 characters or contain any special characters, and that the number does not contain a space at the beginning or end.  If the SMS keeps failing, please contact customer support.

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