Why can't I see my Access Key?  It keeps sending me back to the previous page.

You need to be an administrator for a CL4510 or CL5510 lock to be able to see the access key. 


Why can I no longer unlock my lock using my phone?

If you can see the lock but are unable to unlock it by tapping on the lock icon, please turn off and on your bluetooth and restart your device.


Why cant I share my lock's audit?

Make sure that there are not any special characters in the lock's title.  When the application exports your audit trail it does this is a csv format, which will not accept some special characters in its file name.  Unsupported characters: / \


What mobile software version do I need to run the K3 Connect application?

4.3 and upwards on Android devices

8.0 and upwards for iOS devices


Can a single card client be used on multiple locks?

Yes, but only if it has been registered to each individual lock using the K3 connect application.


Do I need to synchronize the K3 App after adding a phone client?

No, when adding a new phone client re-synchronisation is not required.


Does the recipient have to be in the whitelist to receive SMS sent by the portal?

A NetCode can be generated using the portal and then sent via SMS to a mobile device, this number would not need to be in the whitelist.  However if a number would like to request a NetCode via SMS (This can be done by texting a lock identifier code to a specific number), they would need to be in the whitelist.


Can I have two accounts, both with administration privileges?

No, there can only be one administrator account.  However it is possible to invite another person to be a Standard or Guest user via the Portal so they can generate NetCodes.


What is mercury and why does it appear in my connected Bluetooth devices?

This is the connection between your lock and the K3 Connect app. There is no need to connect to your lock via the Bluetooth menu as the application will handle this automatically.


Can my lock's timezone be different to the zone I am located in?

To do this first go to your smartphone's settings and turn off all time related automatic updates, then set the zone to the one the lock will be physically located in. 

Add the lock to the app and check the lock's info page to make sure it has the required timezone. You can now revert your smartphone settings back to your current location.  Finally go back to the K3 Connect app and make sure that the lock's timezone is still the same.

Note: Always carry out all changes which require synchronisation before installing the lock in the other location as these cannot be changed remotely.




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