The KitLock has five code levels available:

  • Master Code
  • Sub-Master Code
  • User Code
  • Technician Code
  • NetCode

The KitLock is supplied with two factory set codes:

  • Master Code: 11 33 55 77
  • User Code: 22 44

Before fitting, change the Master Code and User Code

All Master and Sub-Master Codes are 8 digits long

All User Codes are 4 digits long

All Technician Codes are 6 digits long

All NetCodes are 6 digits long

The Lock 'open' time is set at 4 seconds.



Before programming, select the most appropriate function for the application: Private UsePublic Use or NetCode

Private Use
Important Note: This is the default function and is already pre-programmed in new locks. This is the most common function and is used where the same code will be repeatedly used.

Public Use
The user enters their own personal four-digit code. This locks the lock. The same code is entered once only to open the lock before being erased and ready for the next new user. This function is used for short term, multi-occupancy applications, e.g. a locker in a leisure centre.

The NetCode function enables the lock owner to generate time sensitive codes for locks installed in remote locations. NetCode function should be activated prior to shipping to remote site/installation via the web-based portal. This function is typically used for issuing codes to visiting service engineers, delivery personnel (drop boxes) and medium term locker rental. Generated codes can be sent by email or SMS to any email account or mobile phone via a password protected account.



The lock has the following code levels and available actions:

Master Code:

  • Open the lock
  • Change the Master Code
  • Set/Change the Sub-Master and User Codes
  • Select between Private & Public Functions
  • Activate/deactivate Technician Code 
  • Activate NetCode

Sub-Master Code:

  • Open the lock
  • Change the Sub-Master Code
  • Set/Change/Delete the User Code

User Code:

  • Open the lock
  • Change the User Code

Technician Code:

  •  Open the lock


  • Open the lock within the chosen time period 


Master Code Programs

Change the Master Code

#Master Code  01  New Master Code  New Master Code ••
Example: #11335577  01  12345678  12345678 ••
Result: Master Code has been changed to 12345678

Set or Change the User Code

#Master Code  02  User Code ••
Example: #11335577  02  9999 ••
Result: New User Code 9999 now operative

Delete User Code

#Master Code  03 ••
Example: #11335577  03 ••
Result: User Code deleted

Set or Change the Sub-Master Code

#Master Code  04  Sub-Master Code •• Sub-Master Code ••
Example: #11335577 • 04  87654321 •• 87654321 ••
Result: Sub-Master Code 87654321 now operation

Delete Sub-Master Code

#Master Code • 05  05 ••
Example: #11335577  05  05 ••
Result: Sub-Master Code deleted


Sub-Master Code Programs

Change the Sub-Master Code

#Sub-Master Code  06  New Sub-Master Code ••
Example: #87654321  06  10101010  10101010 ••
Result: Sub-Master Code has been changed to 10101010

Set or Change the User Code

#Sub-Master Code  07 • User Code ••
Example: #87654321  07  6666 ••
Result: New User Code 6666 now operative

Delete User Code

#Sub-Master Code  08 ••
Example: #87654321  08 ••
Result: User Code Deleted


User Code Programs

Change the User Code

#User Code • New User Code • New User Code ••
Example: #2244 • 6688 • 6688 ••
Result: User Code now 6688



Set Private Use

#Master Code  26 ••
Example: #11335577  26 ••
Result: The lock will revert back to default Private Use Function. Factory set User Code 2244 will now work repeatedly until reprogrammed.


Set Public Use - Single Code Entry (Default)

#Master Code  24 ••
Example: #11335577  24 ••
Result: The lock will now remain open until the next user enters their own personal code into the lock as follows:

Step 1 - Enter 4 digit code. Close the locker which will now be locked.

Step 2 - Enter the same 4 digit code. The lock will now open and remain open until next 4 digit code is entered.

Note: When locked in this mode, LED will flash every 5 seconds to indicate the locker is locked.


Set Public Use - Double Code Entry

#Master Code  22 ••
Example: #11335577  22 ••
Result: The lock will now remain open until the next user enters their own personal code into the lock as follows:

Step 1 - Enter 4 digit code. Repeat 4 digit code. Close the locker which will no be locked.

Step 2 - Enter the same 4 digit code. The lock will now open and remain open until next 4 digit code is entered.

Note: When locked in this mode,  red LED will flash every 5 seconds to indicate the locker is locked.


Set Technician Code

Technician Code is only available for the Public Use function.

#Master Code  99  Technician Code  Technician Code ••
Example: #11335577  99  555555  555555 ••
Result: The lock is automatically set into Public Use Function and allows the programmed Technician Code to open the lock WITHOUT the current personal User Code being erased. 
Note: If lock is opened with a Master Code, the User Code will be erased.


Battery Level Check

#Master Code  09 ••
Example: #11335577  09 ••
Result: Both • red LED and  blue LED will flash to indicate current battery status.






> 80%

 50% - 80%

 20% - 50%

 < 20%



Update Date & Time

Restricted operation time requires the date & time to be set prior to that feature being used.

#Master Code  12  YYMMDD  HHmm ••
Example: 11335577  12  160301  1030 ••
Result: Date & time updated to March 1st, 2016 10:30. 


Restricted Operation Time

Restrict the time of day during which User Codes can be used by setting a start and end time. Master Code, Sub-Master Code and NetCodes can be used as normal.

#Master Code • 18  HHmm (Start Time)  HHmm (End Time) ••
Example: #11335577  18  0830  1730 ••
Result: User Code can only be used between 08:30 and 17:30.


#Master Code  18  0000  0000 ••
Example: #11335577  18  000000 ••
Result: Restricted operation time cancelled.



The lock is equipped with the NetCode function which allows a 6 digit code to be generated via the KitLock Portal. When a code is generated, a time period can be selected during which the code will work. Once the period has expired, the code will no longer be able to be used.

NetCode can be used in several distinct ways (operational modes):

For short-term use. Choose from durations: 1-12 hours and 1-7 days. Multi-use and single-use NetCodes can be generated.

Medium Term Rental
For durations between 1 - 21 days.

Long-Term Rental
For durations up to 1 year.


Register your Lock

Your lock will need to be registered on the KitLock Portal before a NetCode can be generated.

Visit the Portal at If you do not already have an account, you will need to register before you are able to sign-in.

  1. Once you have an account, sign-in to the Portal
  2. Click the Add Lock button
  3. Follow the steps as displayed on the Portal. When prompted, the lock type to select is KL1060.


Default User Code

Please be aware that there is a default User Code enabled. If you do not want the User Code enabled when using the NetCode function, use Program 03 to delete the User Code.

Personal User Code

A user with a valid NetCode can create a shorter, more memorable 4 digit Personal User Code that will have the same validity period as the user's NetCode.

##NetCode  01  Personal User Code  Personal User Code ••
Example: ##690004 01  0911  0911 ••
Result: The Personal User Code 0911 can work in substitute for the NetCode 690004.


Blocking another NetCode

Any user with a valid NetCode can block any other known NetCode. The Master Code can also be used to block a known NetCode.

Block a Known NetCode with another NetCode
##NetCode  16  NetCode to Block ••
Example: ##690004  16  875001 ••
Result: NetCode 875001 is blocked.

Block a Known NetCode with the Master Code
#Master Code • 16  NetCode to Block ••
Example: #11335577  16  875001 ••
Result: NetCode 875001 is blocked.


New NetCode Blocks Previous

When enabled, this feature will cause the last used NetCode to be automatically blocked once a new valid NetCode has been entered. This feature is ideal for scenarios where there is a risk of overlapping codes where only the user with the latest code should be permitted access.

#Master Code  15  <enable/disable> ••

Example: #11335577  15  1 ••
Result: The previously used NetCode will be blocked whenever a new NetCode is entered.

Example: #11335577  15  0 ••
Result: Any valid NetCode can be used.

Please Note : This feature is only available when generating codes for the Standard NetCode types.


Restricting NetCode Operational Modes

NetCode works on a code prediction principle. The number of potentially valid NetCodes can be reduced by only enabling the operational mode(s) that you require.

Sign-in to your NetCode Portal to refer to online documentation for further details.

Important Note: We recommended that you only use the mode that you require.  For example, if you only need to use 1- 21 day NetCodes, only use that mode, so in the above example you would use 101.


Select NetCode Mode

#Master Code  14  ABC ••

001Standard Only
101Rental (1 - 21 days)
100Standard, Rental (1-21 days) & Rental (365 Days Restricted Validation)
011Rental (365 Days Restricted Validation)

Example: #11335577  14  001 ••
Result: Enable standard mode only (filter and only allow Duration IDs 0 to 37)

Example: #11335577  14  010 ••
Result: Enable Standard & Rental (365 Days Restriction Validation) modes (filter and only allow Duration IDs 0 to 56)



Battery Failure

When the battery level falls too low, the Red LED will flash three times prior to unlocking. If the batteries do fail, the KitLock has been designed so an external PP3 battery can be placed against the contact points surrounding the Blue and Red LEDs so that the lock can be opened in order to replace the batteries.

  1. Place the contact points of the PP3 battery against the content points surrounding the Blue and Red LEDs
  2. The positive + PP3 terminal against the Red LED contact point and the negative - PP3 terminal against the Blue LED
  3. Enter the Master Code
  4. The motor will withdraw the locking pin allowing the lock to be opened
  5. Fit new batteries by removing the upper fixing bolt and swinging the lock over the edge of the door
  6. Refit the lock

Note: If the power level of the lock falls too low, both the Blue and Red LEDs may flash continuously after the batteries have been replaced. If this occurs, you will need to reset the lock and, if previously registered on the NetCode Portal, re-initialise the lock (instructions for re-initialisation are displayed on the lock details page of the Portal).


Red & Blue LEDs Flash Continuously

This will occurr if the batteries have failed/been removed and on replacement, the clock requires resetting. When resetting the clock, use non-DST date/time. For example, if DST is in operation and the local time is 11:00, the non-DST time will be 10:00. Use Program 12 to reset the date and time.


Factory Reset (On Keypad)

A factory reset can be performed without removing the lock from the door providing that the Master Code is known. If the Master Code is not known, follow the Lost Master Code steps.

#Master Code  88  Master Code ••
Example:#11335577  88  11335577 ••
Result: The lock is reset to factory settings and will return to the default Private Function.


Factory Reset (Lost Master Code)

A manual factory reset can be performed by removing the lock from the door.

  1. Remove the rear-fixing bolt and swing the lock over the edge of the door to reveal the battery compartment
  2. Remove one battery
  3. Press and hold the 1 button
  4. Replace the battery whilst continuing to hold the 1 button. The Blue LED will flash twice
  5. Release the 1 button
  6. Within three seconds, press the 1 button three times. The Blue LED will flash three times and the lock will have reverted to factory settings. The Master Code will now be 11335577, the lock will be in Private Function and the User Code will be 2244. All other settings will be erased and reset.


Set Keypad Rotation

The lock can be set as vertical, right and left hand modes by changing keypad only


Note: This procedure requires the door to be open: 

1. Remove the rear-fixing bolt and swing the lock over the edge of the door to reveal the battery compartment, change the keypad to the desired mode.

2. Remove one battery.

3. Press and hold the 8 button, replace the battery, the blue LED will flash twice, release the 8 button. Within three seconds press button 1 2 3 4 . The blue LED will flash twice and the lock is set as new orientation, followed by the reboot of unit.






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