Special Notes

  • Please read carefully:
  • Before installing the lock, install the batteries and familiarise yourself with the operation and programming.
  • The handle will not turn until you enter the factory default code:
  • Master Code 11 22 33 44 or the User Code 12 34.
  • Please see Programming Guide to set your new Master and User Codes and to set different functions on lock if required.
  • If required change keypad orientation.
  • Select and fit coloured insertwith double sided tape supplied.


Fitting Instructions

The KL1500 is supplied for vertical installation. However, the lock may be installed in any orientation by simply rotating the keypad module.
Before installation change to desired orientation as follows:


1. Remove both batteries.

2. Remove lever handle via handle fixing boltfrom rear of lock.

3. Remove four small fixing bolts.

4. Carefully remove the outer lock shell.

5. Rotate the numeric module(1-9) to the required position.

6. Replace the outer lock shelland secure with the 4 small fixing bolts.

7. Press and hold the button and replace one battery. The blue LED will flash twice and the lock will beep twice.

8. Release the button and within three seconds press the * button 3 times.

9. The blue LED will flash twice and will beep twice to confirm numeric module position reset OK.

10. Replace the handleand fit second battery.




The KitLock can be fitted to:​
Cabinets, cupboards and lockers a direct replacement for existing cam locks.

It can also be fitted easily to cupboards and cabinets that do not have an existing locking device.


Installation Guide

A. Replace existing cam lock with the KitLock

Step 1 Remove existing cam lock.

Step 2 Place the template over the hole left by the cam lock and mark the upper and lower fixing holes.

Step 3 Drill the two 6mm (1⁄4”) fixing holes.

Step 4 Fit lock to door with gasket in place using fixing bolts. Cut bolts to correct length. Measured from beneath the bolt head, the length should be the cabinet thickness, plus approx 12mm (1⁄2”).

Step 5 From the inside of the door select and fit appropriate cam spindle and cam using cam fixing bolt supplied.  The length of cam and spindle selected to suit your door and frame.

Step 6 Before closing the door check the operation of the lock with Master and User Code.


Step 8 If not already fitted, select and fit coloured insert


B. New Installation

Step 1 Place template on door and mark upper and lower 6mm (1⁄4") fixing holes and 16mm (5⁄8”) spindle hole.
Note: Before drilling fixing holes, please ensure the position of the KitLock when fitted will allow enough clearance for selected cam to work.

Step 2 Drill all three fixing holes.

Step 3 Continue installation from Step 4 to 8 from the Installation Guide (Section A).




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