This step by step will explain how to carry out a firmware update and update the time and date.  If your lock is flashing red and blue and will not accept any NetCodes, this will resolve your issue.


Firmware Update

  1. Login to the portal.

  2. Navigate to the lock’s details page.

  3. Enter the MasterCode of the lock in the top blue box and hit continue.

  4. Enter the sequence into the lock and then press continue in the portal (this is essential that continue is pressed).

  5. Save your lock once you have the update sequence

Important: If there is a delay in-between generating the sequence in the portal and entering it into the lock, you will need to enter an update sequence into the lock.  Once you have done this you will need to update the date and time on the lock, if this is not done the NetCodes will not function correctly as they will be out of sync.


Update Date and Time

To update the time and date enter the below sequence into your lock.

Example:   #MasterCode 12 YYMMDD HHmm ••


= Blue Confirmation Flash

YY= Year

MM= Month

DD = Day

HH= Hour

mm= Minute


Please note the Year needs to be entered as 14 – KL1550 & KL1000NC ONLY


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