1. Log into the K3Connect application on your android or iOS device.


2. Press the + in the top right hand corner to add your lock, then input the lock's model (CL4510 or CL5510) and a name.


3. When you press the tick symbol you will be prompted to enter a setup sequence into the lock.

Example:  #12345678 • 00  1  ( = one beep)


4. The lock will then synchronise, once this has finished your lock is ready to use. You can now add the lock to your portal account.

Note: To generate NetCodes via the app or portal you will need to turn this feature on.  This is done by swiping left on the lock's name, opening info then parameters, making sure NetCode is selected under Feature Selection and finally synchronising your lock to save the changes.


5. Go into your application's Settings then User Info and Access Key. Here you will find a 10 digit code you will need later (if you cannot see a code, press Actions to generate a new one).


6. From the Portal's homepage select either the Locks section and then click Add Lock or go to the top of the page and click + Add Lock.


7. Select the Codelocks (CL Series)  option, enter in the access key you obtained in step 5 and click Continue.


8. On the next page, select the lock in question and enter in your lock's details. Once completed click Add Lock.


9. You will then be presented with the lock's main page, from here you can generate NetCodes, view audit entries, delete and manage your lock.



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