1. From the homepage select either the Locks section in the middle and then click Add Lock or go to the top of the page and click + Add Lock.



2. Select the Kitlock (KL Series) option and select the type of lock you have, the timezone the lock will be located in and if you have changed it, the Master Code. Then click on Continue.

Note: Once you have set up your lock please change your Master Code using program 01 (located in your lock's programming instructions).



3. On the next page, immediately input the generated sequence into the lock and fill in your lock's details. Once completed click Add Lock.

Note: Depending on what lock you are adding, you may need to use the Master Code to access the # key so you are able to input the set up sequence.

Note: If your lock beeps and flashes red halfway through the sequence, the incorrect lock type has been selected.



4. You will then be presented with the lock's main page, from here you can generate NetCodes, view audit entries, delete and manage your lock.



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