CL500 front plates used with Rim Panic Device


1. The position of the CL500/505 front unit on the door is determined by the position of the panic device.

2. Mark the position of the spindle hole for the panic device on both sides of the door.

3. Place the lock gasket against the door with the 20mm (1 3⁄16”) hole centred over the mark for spindle hole. Using the gasket as a template mark the 2 x 10mm (3⁄8”) holes for the through fixing bolts. Repeat on the other side of the door.

4. Drill the 1 x 20mm (1 3⁄16”) hole and the 2 x 10mm (3⁄8”) holes, drilling from both sides to avoid splintering out the face of the door.

5. Countersink the bottom fixing hole as necessary so that the fixing bolt lies flush with the door face, underneath the panic device.

6. The lock is supplied with the lever set up for a right hand hung door. To change the hand of the lever to suit a left hand hung door, proceed as follows:

Remove the blue handing screw from the hole marked ‘R’ on the back of the lock. Turn the handle to suit the door orientation. Replace the handing screw in the opposite hole marked ‘L’.


7. Fit the CL500/505 front unit with the two fixing bolts. Insert the spindle with the flat blade into the CL500/505 front unit, ensuring that the blade is at the correct angle for the hand of door: see diagram.


8. Install the panic device and make sure that the CL500/505 front unit will fully retract the latch or bolts.





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