Does the cabinet come with installation fasteners?
Due to the wide variety of wall conditions that the cabinets may be installed on, along with the weight of the cabinet (incl. keys and padlocks), the user will need to supply the proper installation fasteners for their situation.

Do I need to assemble my cabinet?
No. Your cabinet will arrive fully assembled.

What tools / parts / fastenings will I need to install the cabinet?
A power drill, drill bits and a screwdriver will be required to install your cabinet, along with suitable fastenings for your cabinet weight (incl. keys and padlocks) and wall preparation.

How do I install my cabinet?
An installation advice slip is provided with your cabinet. A printable and downloadable PDF version of this advice slip is available at

Will I need to install the lock when my cabinet arrives?
No. Your cabinet will arrive with your chosen locking device already installed.

How do I use my chosen locking device?
Full programming and operating instructions for the lock will be included in the information pack provided with your cabinet. Should you require further assistance please visit our support site or call our Customer Helpline, Toll Free: 1.877.codelock

What is the lead time for delivery of my order?
Most cabinets are available from stock dependant on your chosen configuration. Please get in touch to confirm availability of your chosen model.

How many keys can you get on a hook?
This is dependant on the type of key that is being stored. If used correctly, you can store several keys on one hook without any problems.  For larger key bunches we recommend the Padlock/Bunches cabinets that come with wider spaced and longer hooks.

Will the cabinet take bunches of keys?
Yes, there are cabinets designed to house bunches of keys. We recommend using the Padlock/Bunches cabinets that come with wider spaced and longer hooks.

I’ve forgotten my lock code; can you tell me what it is?
Locks are installed with factory set codes as stated on the code card provided with your cabinet. It is recommended that you change this code after installing your cabinet. If you’ve forgotten your code please call for assistance on our Customer Helpline, Toll Free: 1.877.codelock

Can we have more than one cabinet operating from a single key?
Yes. Cabinets that have Key Bypass lock models installed are available as Keyed Alike at an extra charge. Please contact us so we can accommodate your request.

What are the benefits of coded entry?
Coded entry removes the risk and expense of multiple, lost or stolen keys being in circulation. If there are a large number of people that use the cabinet, access will need to be controlled and changed regularly. With a coded lock, the combination can be changed easily.

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